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23 enero, 2024
4 min.

Applying Consulting helps Brokkar to launch aprueVa application to the Market on AWS. Applying Consulting is a Peruvian AWS Advanced Consulting Partner offering consulting services with customers in finance, education, and public sector services. The modern infrastructure runs in a Auto-Scaling Group of EC2s for compute layer, RDS for data layer and Amazon WAF to helps protect your web applications or APIs against common web exploits and bots that may affect availability, compromise security, or consume excessive resources.

Customer Challenge

Brokkar was looking for a cloud provider that would allow him to start operations quickly and securely, but at the same time give him the peace of mind of scaling fast when business takes hold. Like all Startup, cost efficiency was sought as one of the main characteristics of the solution without sacrificing quality and performance of services and where data security is the highest priority.

Brokkar is executing an aggressive strategy to win its first customers and in this process, having a technological support that meets high quality standards and strict compliance protocols was key to making the AWS cloud decision.

Why AWS?

Brokkar was looking for a consolidated company in cloud technology and Amazon Web Services had all the support and reliability due to the thousands of clients in the financial sector, among others, who already work with the technology provided by Amazon Web Services.

The maturity of the Global Infrastructure of Amazon Web Services as well as the availability levels of its computing services were key for Brokkar. The scaling capabilities, the diversity of computing instances as well as the savings in operational work using Managed Services made Brokkar convinced of the power of Amazon Web Services.

Why Applying Consulting?

Applying Consulting as AWS Advanced Consulting Partner specialized in Migration and Modernization of Cloud Applications has a lot of experience and proven knowledge. Dozens of Application Modernization projects guarantee the quality of work and expertise of the Solution Architects team. For Brokkar it was very important that Applying Consulting demonstrate its technical capabilities from the first contact, the same that transcended in all stages of the project.

Partner Solution

The proposed solution is a highly available and fault tolerant architecture in an AWS region. In the computational layer, there are EC2 instances within a MultiAZ Autoscaling Group, on which there is an Application Load Balancer to distribute the application load. The data layer has an RDS MultiAZ Instance to guarantee the availability of the service in the event of possible failures.

For security, strategies were applied to protect data in transit and at rest. Data at rest, EBS volumes, are encrypted and AWS KMS is used for key management and encryption usage control. The data in transit is protected with SSL / TLS, the AWS Certificate Manager service is used, which allows us to store the certificates safely and rotate them at appropriate time intervals while applying strict access control.

In addition, very specific rules were configured to control the traffic towards the instances in the Security Groups and the Network ACLs are used for restrictions. Likewise, the AWS Web Application Firewall was enabled to protect the solution from cyber attacks, the AWS Shield was also enabled to protect the solution against DDoS attacks.

Results and Benefits

With the proposed solution, Brokkar achieved a highly available, fault-tolerant infrastructure that meets high security standards. This architecture on AWS will allow you to grow quickly, flexibly and cost-efficiently; the business has the peace of mind of having the correct technical support to start executing its tactical actions of its growth strategy. All this with an excellent TCO that starts at a little more than USD 250.00 per month

On the other hand, this project is the starting point for the adoption of new cloud services. Now, Brokkar is considering incorporating Data Analytics Services and Managed Services to improve team productivity, increase operational resilience and achieve the long-awaited business agility.

AWS Architecture

Brokkar Architecture

Brokkar is a Fintech founded in Ecuador and they have a product called APRUEVA that integrates, in real time, digitally and from any mobile device to businesses of all kinds with financial institutions, operating the entire credit sale process.

For Financial Institutions, APRUEVA simplifies the commercial operation, increases the value of the placement and guarantees the quality of the portfolio, operating in a 100% mobile and 100%


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